Mobius helped this company extract information from complex sites that was 95% accurate

Business Need

A leading Portugal company that supplies information on the business fabric and helps its customers to make informed business decisions wanted to enrich its database. Our client had some difficulties in extracting information from the sites as they were based in multiple languages, and it required compliance to data security conventions. Hence, they approached Mobius for a solution and their requirement was to capture executives’ information of about 4 lakh + companies.


  • Identification of authentic sources for valid information
  • About 4 lakh companies’ websites had to be scrapped within a limited time frame


  • Mobius followed a hybrid approach (automation + manual) to aggregate the data points from the sources
  • The company websites were identified and an automation process was carried out to aggregate the contact information from the sources
  • Mobius validated the client’s existing database through automated scripts and minimal human intervention


  • Mobius captured the targeted information from the sources within 6 weeks with an accuracy of more than 95%

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