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Business Need

An Information and technology services company based in the US had a requirement to gather information from websites that required technical expertise to gather valid information with high efficiency. Mobius proposed a solution to this need through MOBITO which is a workflow application that enables 300,000 users at over 200 financial institutions to find , organize, analyse and present mission critical business information extracted from thousands of sources.



  • The process of reducing the burden of regulatory compliance by streamlining the KYC, CIP, CDD, EDD and credit investigations was challenging
  • The process needed rekeying of entity names into the field search on external websites, even after the entity was entered in the application
  • Login every time into a website using a smart link (remembers login credentials) when the application needs to search for information
  • A single API to manage multiple crawler setup and cloud based solution to provide a real time concurrency control


  • Mobius proposed a “Mobito” platform for site search
  • Mobito integrated with SiteSearch Application through REST APIs
  • Mobito accepts multiple requests with encrypted data from Sitesearch app through Rest APIs(GET/POST) and ensures 24/7 upkeep and monitoring
  • Mobito utilizes bots to interact with web sources and asset manager to manage bots execution, crawl manager to handle VMs, site monitor to detect changes to web sources and scheduler to perform repetitive job runs
  • Mobito utilizes message broker to process concurrent job requests across VMs


  • A customer facing search tool that allows concurrent access 24/7 to real time data from selected sources through API integrated crawler management system working on the back end
  • Mobito has a high level of concurrency to query a large number of sites and reduced blacklisting of IPs
  • Encryption ensured secure information flow
  • Mobito executes search, scrapes information, does first level analysis to determine results, a second level of analysis done only when ambiguous results are received
  • Mobito’s site monitor regularly monitors websites for any changes and immediately alerts Mobito maintenance team

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