On providing an extravagant list of companies from annual reports to this financial data provider

Business Need

A global leader based in the US, providing analytics, connectivity solutions and financial market data to financial institutions, active traders and individual investors wanted to collect entire list of subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures along with shareholding percentage and interrelationship. Their service request was to validate the list of the companies which are outdated, not in existence, with changes in legal name.


  • Mobius created Legal entity structure as per client's requirement
  • Creating corporate linkages for private entities - non issuers
  • Classified group companies based on the shareholding (subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures) with interrelationships
  • Developed aggregation tool to capture data from different filings such as 10 K and other relevant filings
  • Collect list of subsidiaries, share holding percentage along with interrelationship for list of companies provided
  • Update company list by eliminating companies which closed down, changed legal name and corporate structure
  • Check & stack filings for each company from which relevant listings have to be identified


  • Maintained linkages for 5000 of the largest global companies
  • Developed corporate linkage structure as per customer’s requirement
  • Exceeded customer’s benchmarks for quality of data – better and faster than in-house team
  • Set a scalable process – using web crawling and human inference

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