A cargo inspection management company trusted Mobius with aggregating shipping reports. We proved them right by attaining 25-30% cost efficiency.

Business Need

A leading cargo inspection management company based in Canada that empowers its customers to align global operations and provides the business intelligence necessary to lower the cost of doing business in the commodity trading industry, approached Mobius for a solution to aggregating shipping information from an enormous volume of inspection reports that varied in terms of formats. They also did not possess internal resources required to carry out data extraction. The inherent service request was to aggregate shipping information from inspection reports from various agencies across the world.


  • The reports had jargons and shipping terminologies that required a thorough understanding for error free processing and each report varied in the format which meant that additional time and efforts had to be spent in understanding them


  • Mobius developed a custom technology architecture using our patented R&D program to cleanse and cluster input files based on the document type, activity type and more
  • In case, the input was an image or image PDF, Mobius used an advanced OCR system to convert scanned PDF and images into searchable documents
  • As the next step, a Java script was used to extract all direct attributes, like vehicle name, inspection company name, voyage date and more
  • The pre-processed documents were moved to manual production and verification through our proprietary Data to Knowledge framework (D2K)
  • The D2K platform enables smooth workflow, helps track production status and enables QC and feedback for resources


  • Mobius was able to achieve a quicker turnaround time and meet daily deadlines with the help of an integrated system
  • We deployed and maintained an automated input cleansing, clustering and data aggregation architecture - contributing to 25-30% cost efficiency

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