Handling merchant feed data made easy through Mobius' Data Feed classification

Business Need

An Internet Information Provider that has an independent shopping search engine and online shopping guide in France had a requirement to develop robust platform to handle millions of merchant offers per month.


  • Merchant data feed had a high degree of inaccuracy, misclassification and insufficient product information
  • Reduce the cost to onboard new merchants & feeds to the site, yet not compromise on time & quality
  • Conflicting information/same feed titles to be mapped to different categories
  • Difficulty in maintaining stringent quality standards for fulfilling the client expectation


  • Classify at least 50k Delta (New) offers across FR (2864) & DE (2863) categories
  • Cost efficient on-boarding of 1319 FR and 342 DE merchants with data feed updates on a daily basis
  • Remove inaccuracy, misclassification and insufficient product information from merchant data feed
  • Applied stochastic prediction model to classify a merchant feed based on self learning algorithm
  • Created portal for customer’s QC and generated updates and status report


  • Hybrid approach brought annualized savings exceeding $100,000 and sales growth by 20%
  • 10 million merchant feeds were classified in six months using Pollyanna
  • Achieved 100% quality levels were achieved by moving files to QA team in US for readability check
  • All product pages started to get indexed in Google, resulting in more than 70% increased traffic

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