Collected data feeds from 45 websites on a daily basis and mapped it under several categories

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Business Need

A leading incentives and rewards provider based in the US had a requirement to collect product data feeds from 45 websites on a daily basis and 4 websites on weekly basis. The collected feeds were then to be mapped under the client category structure and uploaded into their vendor database tool.


  • Modern websites are rich in data but often complex in structure; and manually identifying rules for extracting data instances is a difficult and time consuming process.


  • Mobius specializes in the master product feed creation that can then be used as a data backbone to feed info into price comparison engines, affiliate networks, shopping channels and more
  • By specifying the websites and meta category names, Mobius created site-specific crawlers to fetch all the product details and create feeds as per the client's conventions


  • Mobius fetched all the product details by automatically handling complex navigations, thereby extracting only the precise content, reducing the downstream processing requirements

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