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Business Need

A leading gas distribution network needed their paper maps digitized to a GIS database. This conversion included gap pipes, service lines, fittings, service points, controllable and noncontrollable fittings, gas valves, gas pipe casing, regulator systems, anode, rectifier, test stations, leak, abandoned gas pipes, customer taps and land base features from various types of source records.


  • Ran an inventory of source records to identify list of assets/features
  • Created a GIS database
  • Digitized the feature classes/assets such as Gas Pipe, Fittings, Valve, Service
  • Line according to the sketch diagram into the GIS database
  • Created a net-junction to find disconnects in the network
  • Ran Geometry and topology to address overlap, undershoot, and overshoot issues
  • Use online aerial imagery as reference while digitizing the network


  • The final output was delivered in ESRI File Geodatabase (GDB) format to client

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