How Mobius’ Pollyanna helped handling product data feeds and increase sales by 20%

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Business Need

A leading company based in France, an independent publisher of shopping search engines, price comparators and shopping guides, wanted a robust platform to create and handledata feed and classify 50k Delta (new) offers across categories. The merchant data feed had high levels of inaccuracy, misclassification and insufficient product information. They were looking for a solution to onboard product data feeds on to the site on time without compromising on quality and cost efficiency. Also, conflicting information or same feed titles were required to be mapped to different categories. They approached Mobius for a solution to the complex process of handling product data feeds.


  • After studying their AS-IS process and merchant feeds, Mobius recommended a hybrid solution - automation coupled with manual intervention (for QC)
  • Mobius’ robust auto classifier tool, Pollyanna, used a stochastic prediction model to classify merchant feed based on self-learning algorithm that learns historically i.e. every time it classifies a merchant feed
  • It classified the feed in a few minutes and categorized them into one among the three buckets - Auto offers (90% quality, high-confidence feeds, needs very less QA), Manual match (70% quality, medium-confidence feeds, needs some QC) and Manual unmatch (Low-confidence feeds, needs manual classification)
  • Created a portal for the client to perform Client QC based on their quality norms, getting frequent updates on the ongoing operational status and other ad hoc business reports


  • For 130k delta offers; 80k, 30k and 20k classified under auto offers, manual match and manual unmatch respectively within a day. Also, 10 million merchant feeds were classified in six months using Pollyanna
  • Provided annualized savings of up to $100,000 and gradual increase in sales by 20%
  • Client was benefitted by our hybrid approach. Also, they had a plan of using it for seven other language markets and opened the avenue for new business opportunities among their group of companies

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