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Business Need

A US based mid-range department stores chain that offers a wide assortment of National brands and private label fashion apparel, shoes and accessories had a service request to validate and change the current online taxonomy and ensure that new facets are compliant with industry standards, seasonality factors and provide intuitive user search and navigational experience.


  • Endeca search terms needed to be analysed and picked to improve taxonomy structure
  • Distinguishing between a sub-category and a facet
  • Logical and alphabetical sorting of sub-categories
  • Understanding colloquial and international terminologies


  • Key stakeholders were interviewed to understand their views on taxonomy structure
  • Competitors were analysed to identify the category hierarchy and their respective product lines
  • Endeca search terms analysis was done to determine popular labels used by customers and benchmark against external user tags (Adwords and Trends)
  • Scorecard was created to identify the gaps and provide recommendations/justifications for new taxonomy


  • Introduced close to 300 new sub-categories across different meta-categories which helped improve customers’ user navigation experience and help them find their desired product faster
  • Analyzed Endeca search logs for 12 months and converted popular keywords as category/facet labels for around 200 categories

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