Customer stories that will walk you through how Mobius has played a role for clients across industries like information & media, e-Commerce & retail, finance and real estate for their success by rendering exceptional services.

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    Analyzed products and extracted information with the help of data attribution services for a US based online retailer
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  • Big Data Validation and Enrichment

    Big Data Validation and Enrichment

    Mobius helped this company extract information from complex sites that was 95% accurate     
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  • BPM Information

    BPM Information

    Mobius Aggregated manufacturers information into a B2B platform
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  • Business Listing Aggregation & Enrichment

    Business Listing Aggregation & Enrichment

    Enriched content enabled better marketing solutions for this client with Mobius’ data
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  • Catalog Management - Ecommerce

    Catalog Management - Ecommerce

    This online retailer gained more visitors to its website with Mobius’ SEO-friendly content creation                  
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  • Catalog Management- Marketplace

    Catalog Management- Marketplace

    Mobius flavoured this retailer’s content with SEO - friendly keywords                                        
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  • Competitive Intelligence for Retailers

    Competitive Intelligence for Retailers

    Mobius helped this retailer increase sales revenue through right pricing & competitor monitoring
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  • Content and Data Migration

    Content and Data Migration

    Migrated six websites into a single new platform with standardized taxonomy & optimized images
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  • Content Enrichment

    Content Enrichment

    A leading US based retailer drastically climbed up the SERP ladder with optimized product content
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  • Corporate Linkages

    Corporate Linkages

    On providing an extravagant list of companies from annual reports to this financial data provider
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