Ecommerce Competitive Intelligence

We assist in implementing better product pricing strategies and drive revenue growth through real-time competitor monitoring services.


We monitor your competitors and deliver detailed insights on product pricing, inventory, assortments, and more

Ecommerce players need detailed and large volumes of competitor data for analysis to make strategic decisions. Monitor and gain detailed insights into your competition and, understand their pricing patterns, identify assortment and product gaps to drive profitable growth by leveraging our competitive intelligence solution.

Optimally price your products and track MAP

Our ecommerce experts help you with competitor identification and price monitoring, inventory and assortment gap analysis, repricing, and MAP monitoring. We bridge the gap between your offerings and customer demands, create effective product roadmaps, and drive informed pricing decisions.

Competitive price monitoring

Inventory gap analysis

Unauthorized seller identification

MAP violation tracking


Our offerings

Product Price Monitoring

Our experts identify competitors and products for price monitoring and help plan effective pricing strategies to ensure you stay on top of the competition. We leverage our two decades of expertise to streamline complex product mapping processes and provide real-time updates on changing product prices, offers, coupons, and deals.

  • Accurate product matching
  • Promotions monitoring
  • Scalable price monitoring

Catalog Monitoring

We collect additional product details apart from the pricing information from any digital catalog or publication to identify exact product matches and capture product price changes at your desired frequency. Our robust OCR technology monitors prices along with the product name, promotion start/end date, product URLs, etc.

  • Competitor promotional data
  • Multiple monitoring sessions
  • Unstructured data crawling

MAP Monitoring

Our around-the-clock MAP monitoring support captures seller violations and delivers historical data to help you understand the violation trends and changes. We monitor MAP violators, track unauthorized seller information, and capture their MAP violations as time-stamped screenshots to help you take required enforcement actions.

  • Reliable MAP monitoring
  • MAP policy enforcement
  • Custom dashboard

Assortment and Product Gap Analysis

We identify competitors' different product types and perform assortment analysis on category, brand, and product level through our accurate product matching solution. Our ecommerce experts gather product information and use data cleansing, product grouping, and normalization techniques to identify and monitor top-selling products.

  • Competitor and product identification
  • Inventory gap analysis
  • Top-selling products monitoring

Seller Insights and Reporting

Our AI-powered web crawlers identify similar products and collect pricing details by comparing the product features from various marketplaces and retailer websites to suggest competitive pricing for your products. We help you gain insights on sellers selling similar products on multiple marketplaces and keep track of top sellers.

  • Similar product identification
  • Reports on top-selling products
  • Customized data format

Explore customer stories

Read how we helped our clients establish their online presence in the ecommerce landscape with the help of our competitive intelligence services.

case studies

We enabled competitive analysis for a leading retailer based out of Australia by monitoring 10,000 SKUs across 33 competitor websites throughout the year and providing insightful analytics services.

case studies

We monitored the prices of thousands of SKUs across websites for a leading European fashion retailer. We offered insights into competitor pricing, helping the client strategically price their products.

Understand the ecommerce landscape better with our competitive intelligence services