Effective Product Taxonomy Consulting

Boost product discoverability and deliver a stellar shopping experience with structured product categories and taxonomy

Enable painless navigation with industry-standard taxonomy structures

Improve product discoverability through taxonomy consulting and deliver a distinctive shopping experience to your customers. Build taxonomies that enable customers to easily locate, identify, and gather information and make purchasing decisions.

Well-defined facets

Better product discoverability

Accurate product categorization

Improved user-engagement

Here’s how we helped an American departmental chain of stores to remodel their website taxonomy

We recommended a taxonomy structure adhering to GS1 industry standards and universal standard naming labels by performing an in-depth analysis of competitor websites and how they positioned their products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you create an ecommerce taxonomy?

We create product taxonomies for any ecommerce website after detailed research and product data validation before confirming a structure. Our taxonomy creation is either market, client, or concept-based.

2. How do you identify product attributes?

We classify product attributes based on color, size, quality, quantity, manufacturer details, dimensions, and other features since these are the attribute sets that help customers make quick purchasing decisions.

3. What is an ecommerce taxonomy?

A taxonomy is the hierarchical representation of products under relevant categories and subcategories. A well-structured ecommerce taxonomy can help improve product searches and ensure better discoverability.

4. Will you be able to recategorize the products from an existing website?

Yes. We restructure the product taxonomy for existing websites.

5. On what basis do you create a taxonomy structure?

We analyze our clients’ product categories, examine internal site search culture, and perform competitor GAP analysis to define and finalize the taxonomy structure.

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