Unveil smart business insights by instantly capturing up-to-date data

Update your database with real-time and fresh data with our customized data refresh platform, Freda. Configure the required workflow and obtain the desired data in just a few clicks, gaining a competitive advantage in your business.

Get validated data to maximize your revenue

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Mobito-data crawling platfrom

Get high-quality, refresh data and create innovative business solutions

Manually verifying and ensuring data quality consumes a significant amount of time and money for the organization. We address this issue for you with our intelligent custom workflow automation platform. Simply select your data attributes and business vertical to gain quick access to standard and up-to-date data at a low cost.

Power your business with up-to-date, enriched data through RPA

Gain access to fresh and validated data in a few clicks and enhance your business performance and productivity with our intuitive Freda platform.

Geo specific domain discovery

Scalable architecture

Our platform enables you to modify the workflow by adding attributes and validation rules based on your data needs. We offer customized solutions for your growing business needs with our powerful data validation platform.

Geo specific domain discovery

Role-based access

We make sure that no unauthorized users have access to your company's private data. We protect your data by granting users role-based permissions to access and validate it, preventing data leaks within the organization.

Geo specific domain discovery

Easy User- Interface

Our user-friendly platform allows you to get the data you need without any technical knowledge. You can check the metrics displayed in our dashboard to plan your strategies and monitor the workflow progress at any time.

Geo specific domain discovery

Powerful data validation

Our Freda platform automatically validates and ensures a high-quality dataset with its custom validation rules. You can train your ML models to produce accurate results by standardizing and labeling the data using our human-in-the-loop approach.

Automate your data processing with us and access the perfect data for your business

With Freda, you can access real-time enriched data from credible sources to deliver innovative business offerings to the right customer and yield higher ROI. Choose your industry vertical, the attributes you require, and quickly create custom workflow automation with a single click. Pay only for the amount of data you need each time, rather than a fixed fee, and save big with us. Know more

Mobito-data crawling platfrom

Gain instant access to powerful enriched data