Eliminate assumption out of product selection. Find products that are niche and profitable.

Find profitable products to sell

Find profitable products to sell

The research tool helps sellers on Amazon to pick products having high-profit margin and low competition. The sellers can search and filter through thousands of products and use data insights to analyze, decide and sell products with highest competitive advantage

Avoid ageing inventory

Avoid ageing inventory

Our product research helps you to wisely choose products by furnishing you with details about products that do not perform well. This data helps you in making accurate decisions in terms of choice of product thus choosing the one that has high-demand, profitability and sales ranking

Save yourself from days of research

Save yourself from days of research

The tool saves your time by instantly stocking you with all the necessary information through product research. You may otherwise have to waste a lot of time and effort on manual search. It not just saves your time but also helps you find new streams and niches

Profitability analysis

Profitability analysis

Profitability is a key consideration for inventory decisions. It, therefore, becomes absolutely important to focus on this. The tool helps you big time by helping you calculate profit margins, make forecasts and filter out items that have the highest profit margin

How it works?

Our Product Research experts have made this tool seem very simple. You name anything under the Sun, we bring the information to you. Wait, did we say Sun? Excuse, we are an Amazon exclusive. Now you name anything under Amazon, we deliver the information you need in minutes. Shall we prove?


You either give us ASINs or any
category / subcategory of products that require Product Research in an excel sheet


We provide you with valuable and actionable insights on the right products to sell

Why Product Research Tool?


Our Product Research Tool tells you about profitable niches, what to sell and at what price to sell, all under one roof. We help you save time and ensure you make profits. All this and much more at a reduced price.

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Why Mobius ?

Of all the things that has been explained here, this is a tad difficult. But wait, I got it simple.

When there is a place where you can avail expert services, starting from research on what products to sell to what price to sell at, why would you go to any other place? Yes, Mobius isn't just a product research expert but also provides repricing and competitive intelligence information.
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