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Information and media industries face fierce challenges from rapidly evolving technologies, economical changes and the need to find efficient means to harness web data to their advantage. Mobius, being a frontrunner in this shift-to-digital age, has optimized technology and human expertise to procure, process and deliver data within a narrow time frame. Over the past decade and a half, we have worked behind-the-scenes for top business information publishers and directories, financial service enterprises, real estate, and B2B and B2C portals. We have handled multiple types of data across 12 different industries and 22 different languages.

Ensure total customer relations
Ensure total customer relations

Data builds relationships. Accurate and up-to-date contact data helps you build better relations with your customers, fuels business plans and propels your organization towards continued growth and improvement.

Integrate customer management
Integrate customer management

Make customer engagement and management a part of regular marketing efforts. With great contact data, you can segment your customers into target groups, focus on specific requirements, and upsell your products and services.

Build better customer profiles
Build better customer profiles

Solid customer profiles are the foundation to building better customer relations. Plan your strategies, fuel your marketing plans and create a master plan for your business growth with complete customer profiles including contact data.

Communicate more. Communicate better.
Communicate more. Communicate better.

Reach out to your customers more and communicate better with clean, accurate and reliable contact data. Improve your brand image, create visibility for your products and services, and build your reputation.


Give your business the competitive edge with great contact data. Sync your existing business database with real-time changes and increase ROI on your marketing efforts.

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Lead generation services

Lead Generation Services

Boost your sales and drive marketing efforts in the right direction with custom-built leads suited to your specific industry or domain.

Tele Pinging & Tele Verification Services

Stay close to your customers. Converse more, converse better and build on your business relations with verified email ids and telephone numbers.

Tele pinging and tele verification

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