Data decay is real. Email addresses, phone numbers, and pin code details are changing faster than before. Although the rate of data decay might differ depending on the industry you operate in, the contact data sitting in your database is probably nothing more than useless bits and bytes now.

Here’s how you can prevent contact data decay.

Here’s how you can prevent data decay.

  • Be sure of the contact data even before it enters your database.
    By ensuring a robust data collection methodology using reliable data sources, trusted service partners and secure data warehouses, you can screen your customers’ data even before they get into your database.
  • Make data verification and data cleansing an integral part of your regular operations.
    Contact data accumulated over time is subject to change and become redundant due to people relocating or changing offices. By conducting data health checks regularly, and validating and updating contact data periodically, you can protect your database from going redundant.
  • Unify your customer database into a single cloud-based storage platform.
    Using a sophisticated and highly-responsive cloud storage system can go a long way in keeping your database clean, relevant and updated; and, also give multiple users within the organization easy access to clean and valid data.

Whether you’re looking to assemble a new customer database or trying to validate your existing contact database for email ids, phone numbers and addresses, Mobius contact data verification services, with its unique combination of automation platforms and human skills, gives you the best results available in the market.

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