What it is: Crawling of public data as a managed service.

What it does:
  • Assess the source for crawl feasibility and cost
  • Write custom scripts for crawling based on the quantity and complexity of sites
  • Onboard crawler scripts through our home-grown infrastructure manager, Mobito, for speed, cost and flexibility advantages
  • Deliver output data in client-usable format

Why is data aggregation a challenge for CTOs?
  • Different sites feature different levels of complexities and it takes an expert with varied data tools to aggregate data in an optimized way.
  • Source sites and site structures keep changing which can affect the way crawler scripts work. So, scripts need to be monitored and redone often to keep up with the changes.
  • Crawling data at scale involves time, cost and overcoming technical hurdles that require expert intervention (often times pulling senior engineers from their core work).

What Mobito offers:
  • Designed with data crawling and scalable data processing abilities.
  • Best-in-class; proven with 1000s of sources and millions of records crawled per day.
  • Cloud and network agnostic. Works across multiple cloud and internal networks at a time, managing the infrastructure optimally.
  • Integrated with optional Managed Services offered by Mobius, a global leader in data services.
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