As an info publisher, whether you operate in print or digital medium, you need to turn to new tools and technologies if you want to remain relevant. A good brand name alone isn’t sufficient. In order to succeed, you need to deliver clean, valid, and great-quality data to your customers, consistently. And, for that you need a cost-effective, reliable, and high-value data processing asset like Mobius Data Studio.

Data Studio is high-performance data curation engine; and, it’s best represented as a journey. Beginning with identifying high-quality data sources, it ropes in Mobito – Mobius’ asset manager – to scale up the data aggregation process. In the next stage, it cleans up data using robotic processes, and filters data for quality, before slicing out data for integration into cloud or local databases.

Data Studio is an advanced data platform that offers many benefits.

  • It can aggregate and manage data from thousands of data sources.
  • It can efficiently create a custom workflow that delivers clean, good-quality, and reliable data. Data Studio subjects aggregated data to a number of downstream data processes like cleansing, mapping, enriching, and so on to ensure data quality.
  • It is highly scalable. In fact, Data Studio platform currently process over 60 million records every month.
  • It lets you set your own quality metrics and data standards.
  • You have full visibility to the different work batches, work-in-progress data and completion reports and alerts.
  • It lets you seamlessly integrate output data into your in-house systems through API linkages. Alternately, it also lets you import results as data feeds or other data formats.
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