Why do you need good-quality data? Simply because the costs of bad data are too high. Your name, reputation, and the trust your customers place on your brand depend on the quality of data sitting in your database; quality that includes relevancy, recency and accuracy. That’s where Mobius Data Studio with built-in quality filters come into play. Incorporating highly advanced tools, technologies and years of human expertise, Data Studio delivers output data that’s so rich in quality, it can be applied directly for analysis, reports, and decision-making purposes.

Data Studio is a highly advanced data platform comprising of a suite of tools & technologies that includes:

  1. Custom and generic crawler scripts for data aggregation
  2. Our in-house web traffic manager Mobito, to optimize cloud IP effectiveness
  3. Customizable bots for downstream data processing including data discovery, matching, classifying, mapping, cleansing, data extraction etc.,
  4. Machine learning modules to provide confidence scores on different automation solutions
  5. Mojo, our configurable human curation tool to provide QC & QA functions and also help build out the training corpus for our machine learning modules
  6. Finally, our Data Orchestrator to ensure that workflow is flexible, scalable and quick to deploy in an enterprise-ready mode

With Mobius Data Studio, the benefits just keep adding on...

  • It can be entirely customized. It does not adopt the usual ‘one size fits all’ methodology like most data aggregating tools. Data Studio employs a hybrid methodology that’s flexible, adaptable and programmable to suit varied client needs.
  • It is a cost-effective solution that is pretty quick to set-up too.
  • It can provide innovative data solutions across all industry verticals.

Experience the benefit of high-quality data with Data Studio

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