Enterprise Infrastructure Orchestration Platform

MOBITO is a cloud based platform for extracting and enriching content from/of the web or any online/offline; structured/unstructured documents by providing infrastructure management. It effectively handles the ever-changing nature of web content, IP blockages thereby acts as anonymizers for effective content extraction anonymously. It is the infrastructure backbone for collecting and processing variety, voluminous, veracity of data for many enterprise domains like ECommerce, Automobile, Publishing, News Information, Real Estate and Financial Data across the globe. MOBITO handles thousands of data rendered in unstructured as well as structured forms across various sources, to extract relevant content and deliver them to downstream systems and thereby derive business intelligence for better decision making.


Mobius’s Cloud based Web Extraction Platform

MOBITO is a microservice architecture, provides the platform with the required agility, scalability, and resilience to handle hundreds of thousands of websites to extract data in a seamless manner, with ZERO administration and handles the provisioning of virtual machines on the go with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud providers.



Mobius is a trusted data technology and solutions partner for leading 50+ Forbes 2000 companies. We leverage automation, bots, NLP, machine learning, and human expertise to give you data and workflows that significantly enhances the value you can gain from data everywhere

Automatically scale infrastructure based on the input load. This will improvise our capacity towards fulfilling client's commitment.

Servers deployed are resilient to outages and other generic failures. Automatic health monitoring done across active and passive nodes.

Platform is enabled to process request on most international languages across multiple regions.

Our Strategic algorithms with aggressive crawl strategies enable Bots to bypass crawling challenges.

Our platform process data and deliver results for small custom scrape requirements in near real time.

Built to leverage Cloud infrastructures there-by optimizing cost and consistency of the data.

Monitor web sites to gather real-time status on availability and site change periodically. Publish reports to all stakeholders.

The platform has an integrated portal, which can be used for bot on-boarding and initiate a new Job request. It has a built-in dashboard to monitor the job progress, reports, trends.


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