Discover how Mobito’s data aggregation solutions can help you grow your business, and reduce costs and risks.

Proprietary crawlers

Custom-built fully licensed crawlers

Own your crawler bots and confidently deploy custom crawlers to extract and pull data from thousands of data sources across the web. Every need is unique and the custom-built solutions deliver high quality data and better total cost of ownership.

Data bandwidth

Data bandwidth optimization

Source millions of data sets from thousands of sources like government sites, company websites and publicly-indexed information warehouses in a matter of minutes. Mobito Infra Orchestration platform helps optimize the infra costs and manage site resistance to data access.

Dynamic Crawling

Dynamic crawling

Regardless of volume, crawl data at scale, while expertly working around technical hurdles like dynamic HTMLs, IP bans, captcha codes, crawler-unfriendly site structures and more.

Governance-compliant data

Governance-compliant data

Adhere to data governance rules, even evolving ones like GDPR. Our holistic data aggregation tools and techniques are compliant to ethical and legal codes, can mitigate risks, and increase business value.

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Reduce risk

By touching base with unstructured data and including it in your data mapping, you reduce the risk of important data points being missed out owing to its semantic nature.

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