Phone number isn’t just data sitting on your spreadsheet. It’s the most important means to communicate with your customers and prospects. Phone number is the lifeline that connects your business and your customers. But if your phone data is wrong or ancient, then you’re losing more than just revenue; you end up losing your customer’s trust and faith in you.

Luckily, we have a solution - an automated telepinging service to check the existence of your customer’s phone numbers. We use a smart call distribution manager to send out programmed pings that report back with information whether the given number is active or not.

3 reasons to opt for Mobius telepinging services

No annoying phone calls to customers

  • We don’t spam your customers with unwanted phone calls or messages. Our service is merely phone validation where we check to ensure if your customers’ listed phone number is currently active.

High verification success

  • We use an automated ping to check phone numbers so our success rates and efficiency are really high; also, we’re able to verify bulk phone listings with a quick turnaround time.

About 95% quality assurance

  • We clean up your customer contact database and deliver recent, valid and verified phone numbers that come with a 95% quality assurance.

To find out how our telepinging services can improve your customer communications.

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