Good Contact Data = Great Marketing Success

Why you need it

Rapid listing of catalogs effortlessly

To get quality leads

There’s no easier way to put it, but if you have good contact information, then you have good leads. And, considering that phone marketing is a direct approach, you have to make sure you get it right every single time.

To build great relationships

To build great relationships

If you’ve already made a deal, periodically reaching out to your customers for post-sale services and advice can help you create a lasting impression and make your one-time customer a repeat buyer.

How we do it

No actual calls

No actual calls

Don’t worry! We would never actually call your customers directly. We prefer the more silent ‘pinging’ approach where we send out silent pings to ensure whether your customer phone is active or not.

Priority-based calls

Priority-based calls

And, let’s say you do really need to validate your contact data on a priority basis, then we use automated calling for phone number verification.

Contact data keeps changing. So, don’t wait until it’s too late

Sign up now and let us help you get your phone marketing right from the get-go

Reduce risk

By touching base with unstructured data and including it in your data mapping, you reduce the risk of important data points being missed out owing to its semantic nature.

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