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1. What is the setup process?

Mobito experts will analyze your requirement and develop custom bots and onboard new bots onto Mobito platform and do the test run & sign-off.

2. How do I get started with Mobito?
Write to us at and our team will get in touch to help you set up your account.
3. What striking features do you offer that gives you an edge over other service providers?
  • Customers can own their bots whereas other service providers offer only data
  • Mobito supports technology agnostic bots. Bots can be developed in any technology
  • Existing Bots can be easily migrated into Mobito with very minimal effort
  • Mobito supports both crawling and non-crawling bots (data cleansing bots, data processing bots, etc.)
4. Do we need to provide the script for crawling or can you write it for us?
Both instances are possible. We develop bots based on your requirement and if you write your own script we will host it on to mobito platform after making it mobito compliant.
5. What are the parameters required to send a crawling request to Mobito?

All you need to do is share the website and the data that needs to be crawled, we will develop a bot and onboard it onto the Mobito platform that will be available for your access to initiate crawls.

6. How adequate is the data coverage? Are all data types including text, tables, images and links covered?
Yes , the crawling feasibility enables crawling of all data types.
7. What is the crawling speed like?
Mobito can provide real time crawled data when the web source's performance is good.
8. Is it possible to cancel a crawl once it is initiated?
Crawls can be canceled post initiation.
9. Does the crawling process handle redirects?
Yes. Mobito automatically handles website redirections during a crawl.
10. Can you crawl from password-protected websites?
Mobito can handle authentication data as input parameters; navigation of drop-down menus is also supported.
11. Does the platform enable bypass of IP blockages?
Mobito handles IP blockages.
12. Does Mobito handle captcha?
Yes. Mobito handles captcha through integration with partner solution.
13. Do you entertain specific site crawling as well?
We can develop bots to crawl from a specific website.
14. Does Mobito support multilingual crawl?


15.Can we provide a list of URLs to be crawled?
Yes, we can crawl websites as per your list if it allows custom / generic bots.
16. What if we want to validate some URLs? Is that something you can offer?
Mobito detects field level changes in a website using custom site monitoring bots.
17. Can I crawl any website?
Mobito supports dynamic web content, Ajax requests, Javascript, login page, APIs, latitude and longitude , Maps, HTML , XML. So, yes any website that has crawling feasibility can be crawled.
18. Can I gather data on a schedule?
Yes. You can schedule a bot to gather data at any time and on any interval.
19. Can Mobito Extract Data from Flash Objects?

No. Flash data extraction is currently not supported by Mobito.

20. Can I download files and images?
Yes. Mobito supports downloading files and images as part of the data extraction process.
21. In what format can we expect the output?
We deliver output in excel(.XLS.,XLSX) , CSV (comma delimited values), TSV (tab delimited values), JSON, and XML formats. All formats can be viewed by a standard text editing program or loaded into a database. The CSV and TSV formats can be viewed using any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.
22. Can I have the results automatically sent to me?
Yes. Mobito supports delivery via FTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Dropbox. You can schedule the data to be sent or have it automatically delivered when the crawl finishes. Alternatively, you can use the Mobito API to programmatically access the data.
23. Do we get the ownership for the source code used for the crawler set-up?
Yes, you do.If the bot has been developed specifically for your need, then yes you can own the bot.
24. Will you store the data delivered to us?
No, we don’t store the data once it is delivered.
25. Can you crawl sites that disallow bots?
No, we crawl the site only if bots are allowed in robots.txt file.
26. Is crawling legal?
Yes, as long as the data is available as text content on the website.
27. Is it possible to get a demo/POC?
You need to provide your contact details , our team will contact you and arrange for a demo/POC.
28. If we need technical assistance with handling the crawling process, will there be support services available 24/7?
We do provide 24/7 support services.

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