Mobius announces the launch of ProductiWise retail product data management platform on Microsoft Azure

Mobius today announced the launch of ProductiWise, a product data enrichment and quality management platform built on Microsoft Azure to help marketplaces, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and click andmortar retailers quicken their product onboarding process while ensuring rich and authentic product data is delivered to customers.

With ProductiWise, e-commerce enterprises can define their data quality requirements and manage the transformations that turn raw supplier data feeds into usable, customer-facing product information. ProductiWise can also be deployed by suppliers or vendors who wish to amend their product data to suit multichannel audiences.

“Our goal was to build a solution that truly addresses the challenges in retail product onboarding,” said Narendra Kumar, Senior Manager – Products, Mobius Knowledge Services. “While minimizing time-to- market is a key factor for e-commerce, hosting rich and SEO-friendly content is paramount to drive sales. ProductiWise helps address both fronts through a configurable and automatable platform. Given its modular design it lets you manage complex categories, set quality benchmarks, and manage complete workflow of catalog onboarding to multiple channels seamlessly and efficiently–at scale. Having worked with players in both B2B and B2C e-commerce ecosystems, we have built ProductiWise to deliver time and cost savings, and enable your resources to focus more on strategic activities."

ProductiWise takes advantage of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS) and Azure Storage (Blob, Queue and Table), to provide a scalable, performance-efficient, and security-compliant retail solution. In addition to cloud security, ProductiWise also benefits from Microsoft’s SQL Database and .NET Framework, and “Virtual Machines REST API” to dynamically manage virtual machine infrastructure. Azure’s open, reliable, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform helps unlock endless possibilities for e-commerce players.

Here is an overview of how the platform works

Through its cloud-based platform, supplier data feeds can be uploaded into ProductiWise, and marketplaces can simply download or integrate rich, high- quality product data into their database. Using automation, ProductiWise takes care of all the back-end product data management tasks like normalizing, standardizing, and categorizing supplier data feeds, analyzing data quality, fixing product gaps, and enriching product data. And since it’s highly customizable, data quality requirements, cataloging specifications, and taxonomy rules can be pre-determined to suit any marketplace.

“E-commerce is about delivering exceptional customer service, and ProductiWise helps fill the gap between customers and marketplaces through its unique ‘data improves customer experience’ approach,” said ShiSh Shridhar, director, retail business development at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Azure gives ProductiWise a platform that will scale to its customers' needs to take advantage of the multi-trillion dollar e-commerce industry.”

ProductiWise helps stakeholders in the e-commerce value chain to focus on the quality of their product data as well as quantity, thereby improving customer satisfaction and,in turn, increasing their revenue and conversion rates.

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