Build frictionless retail shopping experience across all touchpoints.

Product data is not easy to crack. It needs to be complete, well-structured, informative, and consistent. PIMworks is here to handle the clutter at ease and help you deliver rich, organized, and compelling product information that gives your customers a superior shopping experience.

PIMworks is now integrated with Shopify and BigCommerce.

Benefits of PIMworks

Reap solid benefits with PIMworks.

Get rid of scattered data on massive spreadsheets and move it to the PIMworks hub

Identify the gaps in product data quality and enrich it with automated web sourcing

Get work done and help your teams stay organized through better collaboration

Dive into multichannel selling by easily syndicating channel-specific data

PIMworks’ solutions perfectly cement and blend with your retail pitfalls.

Store product data

Store all data in one place

Manage large volumes of product data quantities from a central storage. Launch products in the market and distribute content across channels before your competitors.

Hassle freeproduct  catalog management

Enable hassle-free collaboration

The cloud-based access to PIMworks enables efficient workflows among product marketers, catalog managers, and product teams that makes your teams agile and productive.

Multi channel ventures

Accomplish multi-channel ventures

Push channel-specific content that perfectly synchronizes with unique channel guidelines and fits into varying style guides thereby making multi-channel ventures a quick reality.

Enrich product data

Scrutinize product data to the detail

Enrich data through proprietary tools that aggregate data from various sources and formats such as web pages and pdf that is also normalized and standardized automatically.

  • amazon
  • gap
  • ebay
  • future-electronics
  • belk

Delightful end-to-end catalog management software

PIMworks product catalog management software

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