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1. What is the set-up procedure?
ProductiWise is entirely cloud-based, meaning you can log-in from anywhere using your login credentials. Once you sign up for our services, we’ll provide you the link to our cloud domain.
2. How do I sign into ProductiWise platform?
Just use your log in credentials at the sign-in page and you start using ProductiWise right away.
3. How do I integrate my data feeds into ProductiWise?
ProductiWise was built to accept data feeds from multiple touchpoints like .xlsx sheets, API integrations, or ftp from sellers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors.
4. Can my sellers upload data directly into ProductiWise ?
Sellers can upload product data directly into ProductiWise using APIs, or through FTP.
5. How do I create new categories?
Using ProductiWise’s built-in category style guide master, you can easily create new categories and assign rules for products that would fit that category.
6. How do I create new taxonomies?
ProductiWise lets you create, modify and manage taxonomies using its built-in category style guide master where you can import existing taxonomies or create your own for new products.
7. How can I set-up the style guide settings?
Log into ProductiWise using your account and head to the category master. Choose the style guide settings and start framing your rules right away.
8. How can I monitor the quality of my data feeds?
You can monitor the quality of your data feeds at any stage using the built-in analytics dashboard. Get the quality scores of your incoming feeds, filter specific categories and find out their quality scores; get a visual comparison of the performance of different categories, compare quality of categories and even check the pass/fail percentages of products in bulk.
9. How many levels of quality verification does ProductiWise feature?
ProductiWise has an automated quality check for incoming data feeds that verifies product data against multiple parameters that there is no need for an additional layer of scrutiny. However, if need be you could always get a quality score on the outgoing data for your satisfaction.
10. How can I add or remove style guide settings?
Simply use the category master to create, modify or remove style guide settings as per your requirements.
11. Can I use a single data feed for different e-Commerce websites?
Retailers can onboard their products across different e-Commerce websites using a single data feed. All you need to do is modify your taxonomy template to suit as many marketplaces that you wish to sell.
12. How is ProductiWise’s quality engine different from manual QC/QA processes?
ProductiWise’s quality engine leans heavily on automation, which lets you process thousands of products in a short span and ensures product data is 100% error-free. Manual process, at scale, costs a lot of time and money, and there is the chance of occasional human errors in every batch.
13. What are the input formats allowed in PiW?
PiW accepts restful APIs, .xlsx sheets, cloud or local imports, and downloads from local supplier databases.
14. How many catalog templates can I create?
You can create unlimited catalog templates, delete them, fix them and make correction at will.
15. What happens to poor quality data feeds?
Poor quality data feeds are filtered out and you have the option to work on them using your internal or external teams. But with a dedicated data center to fix product data gaps through automated data scraping, why would want to take the trouble?
16. How can I enrich data feeds? I have no working knowledge of data scraping.
ProductiWise employs the best breed of data scrapers and advanced web traffic managers that automatically scrap product data from trusted sources like webpages, manufacturer sites etc., You don’t need any technical knowledge of data scraping to work in this platform.
17. What are the export formats allowed in PiW?
Data can be exported through restful API’s or through xlsx sheet. Data can be exported in the required templates which will enable omnichannel onboarding to the suppliers

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