What is Data Studio?

Mobius Data Studio is a data integration and orchestration platform that quickly delivers recent, valid and enriched data for direct consumption by enterprises, empowering them for faster and effective decision making.

The fundamental idea behind Data Studio is to collect data from different sources and subject them to a three-step data acquisition-validation-enrichment process to ensure the highest possible quality and deliverability for our customers.

With Data Studio, you also get the benefit of optimizing cloud costs, user management & visualization layers to manage enterprise requirements.

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How does it work?

Mobius Data Studio involves a number of advanced technologies and automated tools along with human expertise to ensure that you only get the highest quality data. We have our enterprise infrastructure management tool, Mobito, that acts as a traffic manager to govern data feeds from varied sources; We also have an internal QA tool Mojo that enriches the quality of data feeds.

Data that works for you

Configurable Workflow
Configurable Workflow

Data Studio can be configured into any existing workflow to allow access to a full spectrum of business information

Enriched assets
Enriched assets

Data sources are constantly screened for real-time changes to give you the competitive edge

Human QA screens
Human QA screens

Automated data goes through a manual QA process to check for data accuracy and quality

Dashboard with analytics
Dashboard with analytics

Built-in analytics dashboard helps you assimilate data, do quality checks and run data analysis

Multilingual capability
Multilingual capability

De-sensitized to linguistic barriers allowing usage across different languages and domains

Desired output format
Desired output format

Output delivered as API linkages, feeds, reports, or integrated into your data system

Why go for Mobius Data Studio

Data drives business. Decisions about financial investments, tactical operations and strategic moves depend entirely on accuracy, quality and the timely delivery of data. Backed up with 14 years of experience in providing data solutions to top companies across the globe, we have pioneered a configurable data platform to provide business intelligence to enterprises.

  • Menu-based approach to acquire data
  • Acquire-Validate-Enrich process for data aggregation
  • Custom-built crawlers for data acquisition
  • Machine learning systems for data validation
  • Human curators to enrich data quality
  • High quality data delivered in record time
  • Robust enterprise-based architecture
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows
  • API linkages, feeds, reports and integration

To ensure your data is up-to-mark on accuracy, quality and relevancy, reach out to us.

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