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We develop, maintain, transform, and test software applications and products for diverse industries, helping you embrace change in the rapidly progressing technology realm.

Enterprise application development

Your digital business needs flexible and tailor-made software

So that you can confidently give an engaging digital experience to your customers across all touch points.

As technology and customer expectations evolve, so does your software needs. We build custom software and applications that help you reimagine your digital business, keeping in mind the demands of today’s software experience. Our technology toolkit comprising of trending tools and programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, AngularJS, PHP, MarkLogic, MySQL, Apache, Hadoop etc., assist in providing robust business logic, database, and presentation layers.

We developed a web-based document search management solution for a key intelligence provider to the energy and utility sector.

Take a look at how we arrived at the software solution for the client here.

Enterprise application development

Mobile application development

Rich and progressive web apps

Product and platform development

Agile development practices

Geo specific domain discovery

We know that budding entrepreneurs and enterprising corporates have dynamic business requirements that need to be incorporated on the fly and so we adopt the agile methodology for all our development processes.

industrial experience

Data extraction for business

Every industry, be it finance or e-Commerce or utilities, has its unique software demands and with 15+ years of experience in over 8 industries, we understand the language of each industry that helps us serve you better.

Continual maintenance & support

Fresh business data

Once a software or product is developed and deployed by us, we don’t plug off our support to your business. Our team provides adept maintenance and support services for the application on a continual basis.

Are legacy software systems pulling down the pace of your digital transformation efforts?

You’re not alone and no, you don’t have to always replace the entire legacy software. That would prove to be way too expensive and further slow down your digital business.

We at Mobius sit with you to know the challenge that you’re facing with a bulky and outdated application and understand your concerns in terms of budget, scale, and data security. Our expertise in a wide range of upcoming software technologies like MongoDB, MarkLogic, Python, J2EE, Azure, AWS, XSLT, Elasticsearch, and many more enable us to provide feasible legacy application modernization solutions including -

Migrating software components to a new and flexible platform

Hosting your application in a different infrastructure like cloud

Optimizing and restructuring the underlying software architecture

Architecting and building a new application with the scope intact

A major provider of content-enabled workflow solutions for professionals in the legal, risk management, and law enforcement industry faced an obstacle in managing and controlling the content supported on a legacy database and an outdated portal.

Read the client’s success story here as we moved their content DB to MarkLogic and built a web-based portal in a short time.

Enterprise application development
Enterprise application development

Software and application testing services that ensure product completeness

As huge strides are made in digitization and mobilization of businesses, striking a high in terms of performance, usability, functionality, compatibility, and security of your business software has become the norm of the day.

To provide a seamless and rich software experience our testing and QA teams have evolved to quality engineering units possessing both manual and automation testing expertise. Utilize our experience in testing automation tools like Selenium, JMeter, and Cucumber to reduce your costs of quality assurance and improve your time to market.

Mobius extends its end-to-end testing services incorporating

Functional testing abilities - regression, integration, sanity, smoke

Non-functional testing elements - usability, scalability, performance, stress, and load

Specialized testing in terms of content validation, big data testing, and legacy modernization testing

Giving priority to consistent speed and quality in the testing and maintenance phases, we supply comprehensive QA reporting, which includes test results, coverage results, quality trends, and detailed status reports.

Customer success stories

Oil & Gas
oil documents search management

Mobius developed a custom document search management system built atop Elasticsearch for a major oil and gas intelligence provider.Read More

legal content management

Mobius built an online editorial content management application for an American legal and public-records information provider modernizing their legacy systems.Read More

financial data aggregation

Extensive crawling and extraction of financial information made feasible through our cloud-based web extraction platform - Mobito for a leading financial services firm.Read More

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