Telecommunications, utilities and engineering enterprises rely on Geospatial information to meet customer needs, increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance with government and regulatory authorities. Our GIS services provide a formidable solution to collecting, analyzing, storing, manipulating and visualizing geographical information on a map.

We have extensive experience working with cutting-edge GIS tools like ArcGIS(ESRI), Open Source, Integraph and GE’s Small World that enable us to provide a number of geographical information and allied services such as:

  • Asset Network Creation
    Digitization of paper maps to GIS maps for gas, electric, water, telecom utilities, tax parcels, right-of-way, roadways, water resources, parks, forests and other natural resources
  • Data Migration and Conflation
    Migrating existing data into a geodatabase ensuring positional accuracy, and retaining and/or updating attribute information
  • Data Conversion
  • Property Boundary, POI and Building Footprint Mapping
  • Landbase Creation
  • Geo-coding and Geo-referencing
  • Database Modeling and Design
  • GIS consulting
  • GIS Data Analytics
  • LIDAR Data Management
  • Photogrammetry Data Editing


  • Integration with the latest GIS tools and technologies
  • Interdisciplinary geospatial solutions
  • Proactive asset management system
  • Detailed spatial analysis
  • Services aligned to help customers attain smarter grid vision
  • Improved operating efficiency and reduced costs
  • Ensures adherence to government and regulatory compliance
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