Monetize data to track and predict your investment decisions.

We identify distinctive datasets and extract crucial financial data points from unstructured data sources spanning from balance sheet statements to earnings reports. We deploy cost-effective machine learning solutions for extraction that vastly benefit your portfolio management, investment strategies, and trading decisions.

Well-informed investment

Financial investment plans

Complement traditional data with other market-moving metrics to guide valuable financial advice and investment plans.

Confident business

Supplies information

Monitor trends, news, and financial reports on industries and companies most relevant to your business for strengthened relationships.

Better risk and compliance assessments

Credit risk management

Mitigate operational risks and assess conformance to compliance standards with reliable and non-duplicated reference data.

Credit management process

The alternative data answer to credit scoring and trading decisions

Most credit portfolio managers, asset, and hedge fund managers have got their hands on Wall Street Journal-type research for their investment and trading decisions. When all of’em access the same type of data, how do you gain your winning edge?

Welcome to the world of alternative financial data. Go beyond plain twitter and satellite data as we dig into unconventional data sources to reveal an individual’s or a company’s historical loans, payments, and other financial obligations. This along with traditional data can help you craft creative investment strategies and smoothen credit management processes.

Why choose us for your financial data needs?

Finance unique datasets

Unique and

15+ years of capitalizing on public data have given us the expertise to locate non-traditional data sources and aggregate large datasets.

Data quality

Assured data
quality and completeness

Rigorous data quality checks and validation procedures that ensure data completeness helps you possess high-caliber reference data.

Data platforms

Supportive homegrown data platforms

We take resource-optimized approaches to extract and aggregate financial information by utilizing our native data platforms - Mobito, Mojo, and Worxtream.

Financial Reports and statements

Trouble crunching the countless number of financial reports and statements?

Take the smart and cost-optimized AI route.

Financial reports, earning statements, and press releases broadcast by corporates and start-ups are laden with stats on their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Insights drawn from these financial content resources show you how well a business is doing and help in making vital investment decisions. These insights rely on accurately extracting facts and figures for which we’ve developed well-trained machine learning models.

An AI solution can help cut back on cost and resources just as did for a major financial news agency. Learn more about the AI-driven financial data extraction case study here.

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