We make data that drive vital property decisions at business amalgamates readily accessible to property owners, investors, auditors, and lease reviewers.

Lease abstraction realestate reliable data

Cement your property decisions with reliable data.

Possessing accurate construction and property data provides actionable insights on all your construction initiatives. We pin down the apt sources and retrieve property intelligence from public web repositories of properties, lands, commercial establishments, permits, projects, foreclosures, tenants, and owners.

Find your most relevant construction projects

Be the first to identify and seal the right bids

Join forces with suitable contractors and subcontractors

AI Lease abstraction management

AI-propelled lease abstraction

Get a superior grip over your real estate portfolio management and lease administration processes by automating repetitive lease review and audit processes. Lease reviewers & lease administrators can now breathe easy with our AI-driven extraction of vital lease information from bulky lease contracts. We’ve handled more than 75000 of these complex leases in 35+ languages across 45+ countries till date.

To boost the overall efficiency of the lease abstraction process, we’ve used our smart quality check tool - Mojo that easily integrates with AI platforms and makes human-in-the-loop AI possible.

Large-scale processing of lengthy and complex lease contracts

Abstraction supported for various native languages

Assured accuracy of all the data points gathered

Multi-format outputs that can be integrated easily with client lease databases

GIS Store locations data

Add spatial intelligence to your commercial property expansion.

Starting a new business or expanding your current venture? Pick a strategic location for your commercial ventures by looking at the physical locations data of your competitors and customer behaviors.

Improve your location-based decision making with our fresh and updated store locations data and our advanced GIS (Geographical Information System) services.

Our assortment of lease administration services

Lease abstraction and validation

Lease abstraction and validation

Abstract, cross-verify, scan, organize, and bookmark your lease documents of multiple languages.

Lease CAM report

Common Area Maintenance audit

Update amends, confirm accuracy, and ensure levied Common Area Maintenance charges.

Lease abstraction software services

Lease software services

Integrate and synchronize lease data between lease abstract software and other accounting systems.

Customer success stories

commercial lease extraction

Mobius extracted and integrated lease details in multiple languages around the world for an American commercial and real estate service provider.Read More

property data extraction

Mobius helped a US-based commercial real estate firm to extract accurate property data with ownership and lease details.Read More

retail price monitoring

Construction tender information was aggregated from more than 20,000 websites of public and government sources for a US-based construction information provider.Read More

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