Seize the best of spatial intelligence to manage
your assets.

We tie together the explosive power of data with geospatial inferences for all your utilities and business expansion decisions in the most comprehensible manner.

Indulge in the best of both physical and data world

Get a hold of your physical assets as we help you visualize and deduce critical location insights with leading GIS tools namely ArcGIS(ESRI), Open Source, Intergraph and GE’s Smallworld.

Asset network creation
Asset network creation

Visualize paper maps of utilities (power, water, gas), transport routes, forestries, household layouts, and stores in GIS formats.

Geocoding solutions

Get well-defined location information and GIS vectors of streets, buildings, and parcels down to the exact latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

Geo referencing services

Scale, rotate, and transform both raster and vector data to different coordinate systems for better visualization and querying of spatial data.

Property boundary and building footprint mapping
Footprint and data services

Chart property boundaries and capture polygon boundary of buildings to optimize your efforts in public works, business planning, and taxations.


Data Services

Geodatabase modeling design

Geodatabase modeling design

We’ll identify the best data model to represent your spatial data for you to efficiently retrieve, analyze, and manage data in your geodatabase.

Landbase geo services

Landbase creation

Access digital formats of buildings and roads to plan utilities, telecommunication, and sewerage lines in areas of your interest.

Map geo target database

Data migration and

Map geodata to target databases with attribute updates and feature alignments and reshape your geo information to rasters, vectors, polygons or XYZ coordinates.

Application Development and Integration services

Application development and integration

We develop custom APIs and apps atop ArcGIS for you to play around with the software’s basic features and integrate geospatial intelligence to your business.

GIS Consulting Software

GIS consulting

Finalized and purchased the perfect GIS software, so what next? We’ll help you understand and leverage the software’s key features and assist you in seeing analyzing spatial data.

GIS Data analysis

GIS data analysis

Understand what the objective of deriving a particular GIS model is and see the relationships between the physical objects in a visual manner with our GIS analysis services.



Measure, picture, map, and model your target terrains, buildings, utilities, and urban infrastructure to plan and organize your business operations better. We offer a wide variety of photogrammetry services that enable you to evaluate and strategize your efforts on specific points of interest.


Aerial triangulation

Orthophoto generation & rectification

Orthophoto generation and rectification

Digital Elevation models

Digital elevation models

3D Modelling

3D modeling

LiDar services

Terrain mapping and surveying are being redefined by LiDar technology achieving impeccable speed, density, and accuracy of topographical data. Our LiDar data processing services facilitate the precise interpretation of LiDar data that aids in clear business decisions.

Bare earth model & Power Line network classification

Bare earth model and power line network classification

LAS-based 3D Building modeling

LAS-based 3D building modeling

Digitization of LiDar data

Digitization of LiDar data

Feature extraction from LAS files

Feature extraction from LAS files

Industries taking advantage of our geographical intelligence

Geographic intelligence in the utilities industry


gis in telecommunications


Geography and natural resources

Natural resources

Location Intelligence for public sector

Government & Public sectors

GIS in transportation


Envision endless business opportunities with Mobius

Integrate smoothly with the latest GIS tools & technologies.

Enable proactive asset creation and management system.

Adhere to government and regulatory compliance.

Achieve smarter and more precise grid vision.

Customer success stories

Public Sector
gis model conversion

Mobius converted PDF images and AutoCAD drawings including water/sewer/storm network maps and associated attribute information to vector GIS representations thus transforming it into ESRI Data Model.Read More

BI Providers
property boundary mapping

Mobius was approached to accurately modify property boundaries thus positively impacting the workflow and producing the output in the desired digital format.Read More

Public Sector
gis nuclear conversion

Mobius enhanced the mapping of nuclear sites based on the new REPPIR determinations or re-determinations identified from 45 nuclear sites.Read More


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