Feeding giant BI databases across
12 industries for 17+ years.

When a host of business conglomerates base their decisions on the information you provide, the data you deliver has to be both comprehensive and credible. We see to it that you have validated information in your database irrespective of your industrial background.

Unique data sources

Unique data sources

Working with publicly available web data for 15+ years has provided us with an endless list of unique resources to mine data from.

Information quality

Top-notch information quality

Get completely filled data fields that are run through multiple quality tests for an error-free and accurate representation of information.

Industry-agnostic data

Industry-agnostic data

No matter which industry you pump data to, we’ll help you fetch and deliver the most relevant and unmatched business information.

An abundance of intelligence plugged across sectors

Information providers sectors
Financial sector information

Empowering the financial sector with sound compliance and reference data

Financial institutions and corporations need critical risk and reference data to ensure Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliances. A major player in the financial information providers segment wanted all these evidential information to be fetched and populated in a single subscription-based interface.

Mobius built a robust information aggregation platform at the backend for these financial data providers. Learn more about the customer success story here.

Mobito-data crawling platfrom

The platform behind our information extraction expertise - Mobito

Irrespective of the industry, we fetch the information you need through Mobito - our extensive crawl management platform that helps achieve near real-time fetch of enterprise data.

Keep your information databases fresh and updated

No matter how extensive and voluminous your underlying information repository is, if your data is not kept up-to-date then it turns out to be useless and grows stale in your database. Our time-tested data enrichment services make sure that your databases are alive and insights-optimized at all times.

We’ve been furnishing enriched and validated data for a leading business intelligence provider.
See our detailed solution for the customer here

Fresh updated database

Customer success stories

commodity data aggregation

Mobius enabled the world’s largest information provider of the petrochemical market to formulate valuable insights by collating data from 62 different operator sites.Read More

business data enrichment

We collected, enriched, and validated company data for a large multinational information and media intelligence provider based out of USA.Read More

business database enrichment

We enabled clean and rich commercial data for a huge US-based business conglomerate that aims at providing valuable business relationships to its clients.Read More

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