Clean and enriched business records that you can bank on.

If data fuels your vital business decisions, then we make sure that you experience the supremacy of updated, enriched, and cleansed data in your company database at all times.


Innovation and efficiency inspired by better data

Sharpened business insights

Deeply enriched and thoroughly validated company data and industry-specific developments help you formulate key strategies with confidence.

Focused customer interactions

Comprehensive customer profiles with freshly sourced and updated contact records go a long way in keeping your clientele engaged and satisfied.

Optimized business processes

Smoothen and oil your business processes by maintaining active and business-ready internal databases throughout the company.


Hit a home run the next time you pitch your product

Connect confidently with prospects as we push fresh and tidied leads to your CRM.

Lead lists tailor-fit for your needs

Stringent verification of lead data quality

Extensive lists built from multiple data sources

Unique leads ensured via deduplication


Industry-specific sourcing of leads

Retail Data Enrichment

Stay ahead of the pack with enriched product information.

Unlike physical stores, in e-Commerce, the product information plays the role of a sales personnel to solve customer questions and ambiguities. This resolves the anxiety and helps customers make informed purchase decisions. Therefore, there is a constant need to keep product information fresh, up-to-date, and relevant. We help to enrich your product information by providing optimized titles, specifications, and images. We also identify obsolete information from your product catalogs, cleanse it and make your catalogs more rich and engaging.

We refreshed and enriched the product information of this Canada based electronic components distributor, by aggregating data from manufacturers’ and retailers’ websites, and transforming unstructured information into a more clean and compelling copy.

Learn more about the case study here.

enrich product

Connections are priceless and so is their contact data.

As your business grows, your reach and engagement with clients extend too - which means your contact database has to be replenished on the go. We fetch the most suitable contacts for your campaigns, remove outdated contacts from your existing database, verify and append missing contact information in a cyclic fashion.

We refreshed and enriched the commercial contact database for a huge US-based B2B business intelligence providers, fetching contact information from more than half a million company websites. Read more about this case study here.


How do we enrich your data?

To enable you to see the true value in your data we follow a full-blown, time-tested Add-Delete-Modify-Verify (ADMV) process.

Existing database is appended with data identified from unique and business-relevant data sources including government repositories and company websites.

The database is checked for stale and obsolete records which are weeded out through a meticulous deduplication process.

Data is then combed through for mismatched record attributes, standardized and verified for consistency.

Exacting quality checks are run on the verified output to ensure a clean copy of your business data.


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