Mobius powers clean commercial data for a large business insights and analytics provider

The Business Need

A key player in the space of B2B commercial data providers approached Mobius for collecting and validating company and business executive information from close to half a million companies across the globe.

The aggregated data would then be packaged and the validated information would help its customers make informed business decisions.

After careful review and deliberation, the client selected Mobius for a solution and their requirement was to capture executives’ information of about 500K companies.

Challenges we faced

We had to frame a proper solution within strict timelines as it was an urgent requirement for the client.

Experts had to at first identify the authenticity of the data sources for valid business information. Also, data had to be retrieved from about half a million company websites within a limited time frame.

How we solved the problem

A hybrid approach was followed to aggregate the data points from the huge volume of sources. Initially, the valid sites were identified and analyzed for the credibility of information and site complexities.

Scripts and assets were at once developed to automate the process of fetching the varied contact information from the sources.

Ongoing refresh and enrichment of the commercial data initially collected was done to ensure fresh business leads and relationships.


Quality checks were initiated much earlier in the process, at the time of collection, to minimize delays. Mobius captured the targeted information from the sources within 6 weeks with an accuracy of more than 95%.

Business data of 500000 + companies captured

Accuracy of more than 95%

Sites of multiple non-English languages cracked

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