Offer personalized travel experiences
every single time with the right data.

We furnish vast amounts of the frequently updated hotel, transportation, and event data that enables tour operators and event planners like you to create memorable experiences for each and every customer.

Travel data curation

Simplified and accurate travel data curation

As a tour operator, framing a lousy itinerary for leisure-loving families and corporates is the last thing you want to end up with. What you need is fresh, valid, and comprehensive data on fluctuating hotel booking rates, facilities & policies, transportation, and recreational activities that will help you plan enjoyable trips for your customers and up the loyalty quotient they pin you.

Our data aggregation capabilities were utilized by a top US-based travel intelligence provider. Check out how we helped the customer here.

Reshaping the travel and hospitality sector with reliable data

Better monitoring of hotel pricing and deals

Enhanced travel risk management

Strike economical offers in transportation and car rentals

Precise details on localized events and conferences

Air travel intelligence for optimized flying experiences

Live data feeds of the arrival & departure time of several airlines across airports along with detailed gate and terminal information, helps mitigate flight disruptions and manage fleet operations effectively.

Mobius powered real-time flight status updates and airport gate information for a Europe-based client. Read the elaborate customer story here

Customize, configure, and automate travel updates

Looking up individual hotel websites or sifting through the data dumped on online travel aggregator sites is tedious and time-consuming when you have to plan the ace itinerary. Clear out the routine task of fetching hotel data with our workflow automation platform - Worxtream

Specify your data sources - Configure workflow in Worxtream - Get your data

Travel and hospitality

Organizing corporate events

Find events that matter the most to your business

Planning and organizing corporate events can get overwhelming with the growing number of conferences and events held every month. With the right data in hand, you can spot events which are the most relevant to your target business, get detailed information on event venue, timings & speakers, identify budget-friendly yet comfy rooms to accomodate the attendees, and find geo-specific details about the event location.

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