Reliable and relevant data delivered at the right time.

We deliver quality datasets of any scale that can be directly digested by business databases for priceless insights.

Aggregate data across industries

Business data aggregation

Company data

Lead aggregation services

Sales leads

Commodities data aggregation services

Commodity data

Corporate linkages

Mergers and Acquisitions


We harvest data throughout its length and breadth

Highly scalable data aggregation services

Highly scalable infrastructure

Our Data aggregation services hosted on platforms of superior efficiency assimilate thousands of data points from diverse sources.

Automated data aggregation

Automated aggregation

Custom scripts and assets developed by us achieve a high degree of automation that delivers an immense amount of data from the web in near real-time.

Best data quality on aggregated data

Supreme data quality

Our resolute team of process excellence experts ensures that the data that is aggregated is of utmost accuracy and veracity so that the aggregated data can be consumed directly.

Multiple delivery formats

Multiple delivery formats

Data collected from different sites are transformed into a wide variety of file formats including .txt, .xls, .csv, .tsv, SQL, XML, PDF, and JSON formats or integrated straight with your APIs.

Data aggregation offerings

High volume of data aggregation

High volume

We’ve extracted and integrated information on a colossal scale from challenging sources like open registries and other huge public domain data repositories giving us the confidence to take on data aggregation projects of extremely high volume.

Real-time data aggregation


For you to make critical and timely decisions, data is needed by the minute and we guarantee collation and delivery of data from diverse sources with an outstanding turnaround time of fewer than 2 minutes.

Data management platform


Mobito - our bot hosting and management platform has given exceptional returns in terms of harvesting data on-demand across a myriad of industries like e-Commerce, travel and hospitality, finance, real estate, and business listings.

Mobito - data aggregation platform

MOBITO - Our aggregation infrastructure manager

Wonder how we work with such large-scale data aggregation? Meet our homegrown, cloud-based, enterprise-grade crawl manager that supports scaled crawling with versatile, cross-platform bots. Its effective orchestration, scheduling, and reporting features make Mobito a highly viable option for handling complex data aggregation scenarios.


Data aggregation offerings

Extensive research and source analysis
Extensive research and source analysis

Expert researchers and consultants at Mobius sit with you to understand your business need and identify the most relevant and feasible data sources based on traffic analysis.

Bot customization
Bot customization

Possessing an experience of over a decade and a half in data aggregation, we identify the most suitable bot assets and customize them according to business demands and site behavior.

Data crawl and aggregation
Data crawl and Aggregation

Crawlers developed in Python, Perl, Node JS or Phantom Js are deployed to aggregate data via regulated crawls and browser-based automation is achieved through tools like Selenium and iMacro.

Data normalization and cleansing
Data Normalization and cleansing

Aggregated data goes through a rigorous process of deduplication and normalization to eliminate redundant data followed by stringent quality checks that ensure an accuracy of over 90%.


Our technology

scrapinghub selenium scrapy oxylabs perl phantomjs python iMacros luminati nodejs

Customer success stories

Travel & Hotel
large-scale data aggregation

We performed a large-scale aggregation of hotel and event data for a major travel and event intelligence provider located in the US.Read More

Air Travel
flight data aggregation

Mobius helped a UK-based air travel intelligence company to collect live flight details of 93,000 flights within 4 weeks.Read More

Oil & Gas
commodity data aggregation

Mobius enabled the world’s largest information provider of the petrochemical market to formulate valuable insights by collating data from 62 different operator sites.Read More


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