Mobius powered the aggregation of hotel and event data for a US-based travel intelligence provider

The Business Need

A travel industry research authority wanted to present hotels, points of interest, and event details from different countries all aggregated on their site. They wanted hotel facilities, terms & conditions, booking rates to be populated along with various points of interest around hotels. They also wanted event details to be gathered across various countries.

The data collected would help the B2B travel information provider to serve the global travel and meetings industry at its best.

Challenges we faced

The client was looking for ways that would not only streamline workflow, but also further automate the process of details and get a more efficient means to file appeals and track the group’s success.

Categories and volume of data collected were colossal. More than 120 attributes including address, hours of hotel operation, rooms, amenities, hotel manager contact details had to be gathered from a total of almost 50000 hotels apart from 7000 events and close to 40000 places of interest across the globe on a daily and weekly basis.

How we solved the problem

All the hotel and event websites were monitored and two types of action were mainly taken - verification of current hotel and event information, and update and modification of outdated hotel and event information.

To achieve this, a unique Website Change Monitoring (WCM) bot was utilized to track for any content updates in the monitored websites. When content changes were identified, it reflected on the Mojo interface through which the changes were validated, exceptions applied, and credible changes were pushed into the client API.

Every time a new hotel was identified by the client, it’s relevant URL was obtained using a GTR Bot, business logic applied to identify attribute aliases before gathering them from the sites using custom scripts. Further monitoring of the URL was performed using our custom WCM tool.


Partnering with Mobius has helped the client achieve new operational efficiency. Most notably, time spent verifying determining data sources was been cut in half because staff members no longer have to devote countless hours on the phone or looking up information on various websites manually. Updates on the hotels and events were provided right at the speed at which the changes occur boosting the effectiveness of the data in a travel manager’s hand.

50000+ hotels & 6000+ events covered

120+ data attributes pulled per site

New hotel website URLs identified with ease and high accuracy using smart bots

Website changes constantly monitored for updated and enriched hotel data record

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