Mobius provided an automated aviation intelligence within 4 weeks with 95% accuracy

The Business Need

A leading air travel intelligence company based out of United Kingdom had a crucial need to extract and comb an extensive set of airline schedules, flight status and travel details from various aviation and travel websites for about 93,000 flights across 183 airports.

The aggregated travel data would be integrated into the client’s analytics to derive futuristic insights for effective business operations and customer service.

Challenges we faced

A constant regular monitoring had to be done over a large number of dynamic flight details across various aviation and travel based companies. This posed as a huge challenge as it involved scouring over 100+ websites and collecting live data for about 93,000 flights in 183 airports 24*7.

It was overly time-consuming due to complex HTML, site blockage and proxy usage issues. Furthermore, the output had to be delivered in a specific XML format to the client’s FTP.

How we solved the problem

The data aggregation experts from Mobius identified ideal sources for collecting and updating flight details such as boarding time, flight duration, departure time, delay, cancellations and developed an automated system in just 4 weeks. The clustered flight details information were delivered in the format of XML feeds, which could be integrated directly into the client system. This increased the overall accuracy and implemented effective usage of time and skilled labor.


The automated approach yielded highly accurate and reliable information in 4 weeks. Mobius achieved 95% accuracy in the aggregated output.

93,000 flights across 183 airports

Automated solution built in 4 weeks

95% accurate info in XML format

Workaround found for time consuming issues like complex HTML, site blockage and proxy usage

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