Put data at the helm of all your marine ventures.

Utilize top-grade maritime data to discover new business opportunities and smoothen your day-to-day cargo handling and shipbroking decisions.

Ride the data wave for your shipping activities

marine traffic voyage planner

Effective voyage planning

Access vessel information, weather data, and route details to identify optimized journey routes and avoid imminent delays.

Maritime market size

Size your competition

Get a clear view of the maritime market size and uncover new opportunities lying hidden within vessel and vessel ownership data.

Deft vessel traffic control

Deft vessel traffic control

Connect ship position, cargo and handler information for better monitoring of port congestion and easier cargo handling.

vessel traffic service

Optimized nautical operations

Comprehensive data on vessel type and ownership, previous voyages, port schedules, and machinery details help streamline marine operations.

Capitalize on publicly available data for your shipping expeditions

Right from the moment a ship is built until it breathes its last after years of service, tons of information is created and a vast majority of it lies untapped on the internet. Our expert maritime data aggregation capabilities, especially from the web, can be leveraged by ship owners, operators, and charterers to constantly monitor ship incidents, vessel schedules, port information, commodities to be shipped, people to be contacted, and critical corporate actions in the shipping industry.

We pulled up a hoard of such maritime data for a market leader in providing shipping intelligence. Learn more about the customer's success story here.

Don’t miss the AI boat in your everyday shipping activities

Vital shipping data points that need your immediate attention lay unattended to or become too unmanageable to handle due to their existence in various unstructured formats. Ship and cargo information in pdf reports, port and freight information in emails, vessel tracking information from sensors are all examples of unstructured data from disparate sources.

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning can automate your routine shipping tasks and help you make sense of the data deluge at a much quicker pace.

We built a workflow and helped automate a shipbroking email interpretation in near real-time. See our detailed solution for the client here.

Shipping data analysis

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