MobiEbot monitored 10K+ emails every day and extracted critical port and shipping information.

The Business Need

The client was a UK based maritime corporation offering port services like cargo handling, operations, navigation, fleet management, warehousing, and logistical support.

Their services covered over 200 ports worldwide and received around 10K+ port lineup emails every day with multiple attachments. The mail attachments were in various types and formats, ranging from PDF, Excel, spreadsheets to HTML and XML files. Business-critical data points like ship position, vessel details, port schedules, port specifications, vessel compliance, and more.

Manual ways of mail interpretation were found to be tedious and time-consuming. Hence Mobius was sought by the company to give an automated way of extracting the mandatory data points from the unstructured data input.

Challenges we faced

  • The emails were highly unstructured, making the classification a tedious process.
  • Information to be extracted from the emails included real-time cargo, vessel, and port attributes. Data incompleteness was also a challenge as not all the emails had all the details in the expected attribute naming structure and mismatched fields had to be interpreted properly and mapped to their corresponding template within the stipulated time.
  • The attachments were of multiple formats, and separate rules had to be applied for each type.
  • Different countries followed different standards and made data compliance checks a bit complicated.

How we solved the problem

MobiEbot was customized to extract critical attributes from the emails from the client environment. Our shipment and cargo container tracking email bots parsed around 40 emails per minute. NER and NLP rules were applied to extract more than 80 port related data points. Since each document type had its structure, our shipment and cargo container tracking email bots were customized depending on the training set data. A quality benchmarking process is carried out by experts fortnightly to determine the accuracy of the extracted data. Improvements were made to the extraction rules based on the findings uncovered in the benchmarking process.


Critical port information was extracted within minutes. As challenging as it was to make sense out of the mounds of the emails in near real-time, Mobius achieved 100% automation in processing the shipping brokerage emails. With periodical benchmarking of the extracted output, an accuracy of 85% was achieved surpassing other automated solutions offered in the market. 24/7 monitoring services enabled the charterers for real-time route planning and freight transportation. The operators were relieved from mundane tasks like searching through heaps of email attachments.

24/7 monitoring of incoming emails

5000+ files per month

100% automated solution delivering 85% accuracy in output built to process brokerage emails

Extracted data from PDF, Excel, HTML, XML, etc.

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