Transform unstructured data into business-impacting insights.

Unstructured data extraction

We employ sophisticated machine learning models along with human expertise to extract meaningful data from images and unstructured text held in pdf, presentations, invoices, day-to-day emails, tweets, and transactions for you to make the right business moves.

Why should businesses mine unstructured data?

Make well-rounded business decisions

Business insights lay dispersed all over the web in the form of leadership thoughts, merger and acquisition details, company performance reports which when extracted help businesses align their org-wide strategies to meet market demands.

Improved customer

A sentiment analysis of the unstructured, user-generated content found on social media and discussion forums allows businesses to detect product performance straight from the source, thus ensuring the booming longevity of a product or service.

Amplify Organizational

Tapping into the abundance of unstructured company data held in business transactions, shipment orders, invoices, presentations, and sales collaterals leads to improved efficiency of business operations and a holistic view of corporate data.


Uncover insights stashed away in the pile of unstructured data with us.

Unstructured data extraction insights
Extraction in bulk

Large numbers of multi-page documents, umpteen number of incoming emails, or a big rush of tweets. No matter the volume of unstructured data to be extracted, our services ensure reliable delivery of data in consumable formats.

AI-smart data extraction

We employ sophisticated machine learning models and Natural Language Processing(NLP) techniques to automatically annotate and tag entities in unstructured data, creating a library of samples to further reduce the efforts spent in processing the storm of unstructured data.

Enriched and validated data

Accuracy and superior data quality are a mandate while dealing with critical data points observed in health records and financial transactions. Our data enrichment and validation expertise assure that data of consistently high quality is ingested to your business.


Extract data from varied sources

Legal agreements, financial reports, and commercial leases are examples of insight-rich text-based documents which when subjected to intelligent data extraction aids in the better management of critical assets apart from guiding business decisions.

Extracting and mapping an entity image with a structured record in a relational database that holds other entity details like name, contact details, health and criminal history goes a long way in giving a holistic view of individuals.

Routine business emails and transactions contain valuable information on day-to-day operations that are manually sorted in general. Applying a layer of automated data extraction to such emails - eg. shipment orders results in reduced human efforts.

Competitor intelligence finds its source in web data such as feature and price differences, type of content created, merger and acquisition details which helps companies alter their own strategies.


Insights on customer preferences are sprawled across social media, which when extracted and analyzed aid in heightened levels of personalization and customer satisfaction. Ratings and reviews voiced out in public forums help sense the pulse of your target crowd.

Customer success stories

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