Mobius helped a leading information provider for the shipping industry to leverage public data and venture into new areas of business.

The Business Need

A leading information provider based out of UK wanted to leverage publicly available data related to shipping schedules. They had an impending need to find out how the enterprise can improve by analyzing the disparities between the data provided by them and the data available from public sources and other data operators.

Challenges we faced

The data had to be aggregated from a wide range of sources that were both direct and indirect and consumed a lot of time. The collated data had to be normalized based on the various data points specific to geographical location and schedule dates.


Mobius devised a comprehensive automated solution to aggregate ship schedule information. A market analysis was performed to identify new data sources for ship schedule information. The identified sources were categorized into port websites, operator websites, and third-party websites.

The data related to shipping schedule was aggregated from each of the sources using our home-grown cloud-based crawl platform - Mobito and analyzed for crucial data points like vessel name, IMO number, ship operator name, ETA, etc.

The aggregated data was normalized, de-duplicated, and cleansed and a consolidated data set was generated. The disparities between the current portfolio and collated information were analyzed and a report was given for new areas for growth.


The thorough analysis provided by Mobius helped the client to enter into new business ventures. By tapping into regional statistics and competitors’ information the client’s productivity improved ten-folds.

Crucial data points collected

50+ data sources

Enrichment of aggregate data

Scope for new business ventures, expansion, and business growth provided

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