Price monitoring for over 102K products on Amazon

The Business Need

A Canada-based leading global retailer connecting customers and employees with the best products and services approached Mobius to monitor over 1.2 lakh products. The fundamental requirement was to capture product prices for 1.2 lakh SKUs on Amazon in 3 different frequencies around the week.

The top marketplace from Canada wanted to:

  • Monitor product prices for 120K SKUs 3 to 5 times from popular retailers across the globe
  • Identify retailers offering better product prices and seamless delivery
  • Capture product prices at different intervals on all working days, including weekends

Challenges we faced

  • Monitoring and capturing pricing data for a massive volume of products continuously.
  • Bypassing website blockages due to constant crawling.
  • Ensuring product availability to capture their prices.
  • Determining retailer transit issues to avoid product damage during delivery.
  • Constant product price changes on Amazon.

How we solved the problem

Mobius’ powerful AI product matching algorithms helped the client with accurate product matching across different retailer listings and captured correct product URLs. Mobius deployed its homegrown robust data crawlers to mitigate site blockages and overcome time-bound challenges while obtaining prices 3-5 times daily.


  • We reduced the margin for error through robust product matching, delivering 99% data accuracy.
  • Saved the client both time and cost with best-in-class algorithms, bypassing crawling blockages and fetching the pricing for 102K SKUs multiple times a day.
  • The client was able to offer the best product deals to its customers, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

AI product matching algorithms

99% data accuracy achieved

Price capture for 102K products up to 5 times/day

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