People. They are the essence of what we are!

Who we are

We are hard-core data believers. And it is in our blood. With the different depths and exposure to technology, we are pioneers in unique products and services, pinning data to drive digital transformation.

Culture isn't about ticking the boxes. We'd rather be true to ourselves being a corporate citizen and act by what we believe.

Karthik Karunakaran

CEO & Co-founder

What is it like to work at Mobius?

We don’t beat around the bush. We challenge each other and gravitate to what makes us better. We always welcome direct communication, clear opinions, and respectful disagreement. You know, sometimes, you wonder what it is like to work on things that you are really passionate about. Dreams that you should foster. The beliefs that can change the world. Ideas that can create an impact on various levels of the social strata. The seed that takes you through a competitive yet fulfilling ride.

We believe in nurturing those seeds. To give people the drop to make an ocean. The one that binds the value chain across industries, across segments around the world.

Things that matter to us

Our love for people who understand things faster has no bounds. We fall head over heels for people who understand our audience, what we do, and work towards inspiring the world to drive the digital era.

We nurture diverse talent and believe people are the master of their journey here. We believe in a path that is transparent and equitable.

Enough about us. Tell us about you!

We want to know your story. What inspires you? What excites you? We would like to be a part of that! Who knows, we may hit it off right away.