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People are our assets. Technology is our lifeline. Delivering business insights is our passion. We believe that every business challenge is unique and requires a truly unique solution. Hence, we make it a point to stay on the same page as our customers beyond time and geographical boundaries, understand their perspectives better and deliver solutions that actually make an impact. In fact, our very name is inspired by the Mobius strip - a uniquely designed, nonorientable geometric object that has only one side, embodying our commitment to staying on the same side as our customers at all times.

Mobius forayed into the world of ecommerce and web research in 2002, and it’s been an exhilarating ride ever since. From our humble beginnings as a shared services and consulting company to becoming a trusted data solutions partner to 50+ Forbes 2000 companies, we’ve tried to stay true to our core values - delivering value and exceptional quality to our customers and subscribers, and making a difference to the community as a whole.


Mobius is a strong team of 1000+employees, designers, language experts, knowledge specialists and business analysts. We use contemporary technologies and tools coupled with human expertise to deliver business acumen and knowledge to our customers. Our expertise has helped a number of leading corporations across geographies in data and content-intensive industries viz. Business Information, Media, Retail, Ecommerce, Financial Services and Real Estate.

Our Leadership Team

Our work culture is the perfect blend of traditional and conservative; while we love our work and take all the creative freedom to come up with new and innovative ideas everyday, we also appreciate the structure and organisation of our work sphere. And, when we’re not at our desks, you can always find us at our cafeteria playing board games or carrom, or at the conference rooms scrambling for ideas on how to make our work flow crisp and smooth.

Life as a mobiusian
Mobius cross functional teams

Our cross-functional teams are truly global with people connecting from different offices across the globe or plugging in from their homes. We are young, bright and fun loving! So, while we put in all our grit and passion in our work, we make sure to have fun too! We celebrate festivals, have yearly ‘day outs’ and team outings, and celebrate important milestones like birthdays and promotions.

Your growth at Mobius is pretty much assured since we consider our people our greatest assets. We put in plenty of hours training, and our Learning and Development module, LIFE, is an online program where associates can learn anything from programming skills and process quality metrics to communication skills. Our policy is ‘reward for work’, so we have plenty of options like internal job postings and accelerated career development for young performers with a drive to excel.

Growth at mobius
Mobius employee benefits

We care about our employees - everything from your basic package, insurance, medical cover for self and family, yearly medical camps, cab services to creche facilities for your kids, we’ve got you covered in every department.


And, if you think you’re the right fit for our dynamic team, reach out to us.

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