Cargo report extraction

We helped a Canada-based software service provider to the petroleum supply and trading sector, extract cargo data from inspection reports.Read More

Scottish records Digitization

Mobius performs a high-volume transcription of 25.1 million Scottish records holding historical significance for the “Digitising Scotland” project.Read More

Content tagging digitization

A leading US-based global content and technology company had scanned images of tattered and old magazines tagged and digitized by us.Read More

Oil documents search management

Mobius developed a custom document search management system built atop Elasticsearch for a major oil and gas intelligence provider.Read More

Unstructured mail extraction

Extracted real-time port-specific data points from 10K+ emails every day with multiple attachments using MobiEbot.Read More

Construction intelligence

Construction tender information was aggregated from more than 20,000 websites of public and government sources for a US-based construction information provider.Read More

Flight data aggregation

Mobius helped a UK-based air travel intelligence company to collect live flight details of 93,000 flights within 4 weeks.Read More

Commodity data aggregation

Mobius enabled the world’s largest information provider of the petrochemical market to formulate valuable insights by collating data from 62 different operator sites.Read More

Commercial lease extraction

Mobius extracted and integrated lease details in multiple languages around the world for an American commercial and real estate service provider.Read More

Hotel data aggregation

We performed a large-scale aggregation of hotel and event data for a major travel and event intelligence provider located in the US.Read More

Legal content management

Mobius built an online editorial content management application for an American legal and public-records information provider modernizing their legacy systems.Read More

Business data enrichment

We collected, enriched, and validated company data for a large multinational information and media intelligence provider based out of USA.Read More

Business database enrichment

We enabled clean and rich commercial data for a huge US-based business conglomerate that aims at providing valuable business relationships to its clients.Read More

Property data extraction

Mobius helped a US-based commercial real estate firm to extract accurate property data with ownership and lease details.Read More

Property boundary mapping

Mobius was approached to accurate modify property boundaries thus positively impacting the workflow and producing the output in the desired digital format.Read More

GIS model conversion

Mobius converted PDF images and AutoCAD drawings including water/sewer/storm network maps and associated attribute information to vector GIS representations thus transforming it into ESRI Data Model.Read More

Product catalog onboarding

Mobius enabled a huge retailer to create product catalogs in large volumes with an AI-powered catalog creation platform, Productiwise.Read More

Product catalog migration

How we helped a huge retail store embark on their online selling with Productiwise - An AI-powered catalog onboarding platform.Read More

Product catalog creation

How Mobius provided end-to-end catalog services to this huge retailer that helped them improve conversions. Read More

Seo product catalog creation

Mobius helped an American retailer create SEO-friendly product catalogs for over 100,000 products.Read More

Product content seo

Mobius helped America’s largest retailer rank high on the search engines and improve their visibility and conversions.Read More

Retail price monitoring

Mobius enabled competitive analysis through price monitoring and provided insightful analytics services.Read More

GIS nuclear conversion

Mobius enhanced the mapping of nuclear sites based on the new REPPIR determinations or re-determinations identified from 45 nuclear sites.Read More

GIS nuclear conversion

We helped a Canada-based electronic components distributor in enriching their product data for about 100K SKUs.Read More


To identify a process for generating insights on upcoming and current trends in the bicycle industry.Read More


Scope for expansion from public data aggregation was provided for a leading shipping information providerRead More


3500 pricing attributes aggregated for a leading information provider in energy and commodities spaceRead More


Mobius improved the taxonomy structure of this American based retailer helped in a better user experience an increased sales.Read More


Mobius monitored the prices of thousands of SKUs across websites to help clients strategically price their products.Read More

Financial data aggregation

Extensive crawling and extraction of financial information made feasible through our cloud-based web extraction platform - Mobito for a leading financial services firm.Read More

Financial report extractions

We extracted and aggregated crucial data points from company reports and financial statements for a leading news agency delivering business insights.Read More


Mobius helped a huge retailer identify top-performing products and run an inventory-gap analysis.Read More


Mobius helped this retailer optimize their pages and improve discoverability on Amazon.Read More


Our NLP-powered email bot automatically extracted 80+ critical ship brokering data points from 2Million+ emails.Read More


Mobius helped a US-based wholesaler eliminate data silos through seamless marketplaces and systems integration.Read More


Mobius helped a leading online retailer monitor 50K products weekly for price and coupons across two competitor sites. Read More


Mobius captured product prices for 1.2 lakh SKUs for a top Canada-based retailer in 3 different frequencies around the week. Read More