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Business Need

An industry leader in commercial real estate services serving investors, owners, occupiers etc. wanted to abstract multilingual commercial leases that was then to be fed into their client database. This required specialized skills as abstraction of Non – English leases is not only time consuming, but even a slight misinterpretation of a sentence would mean severe consequences.


  • Sometimes it was difficult to extract critical fields from the documents as the pages would either be missing or the documents were poorly scanned


  • Mobius’ centralized team of experts processed leases ranging from 50 to 300 pages with average of 4 to 5 hours per lease
  • Efficient solutions were deployed to abstract data fields from leases, sub-leases and amendments
  • The client could track and manage critical data fields for better decision-making and facilitated advance customized reporting capability by us


  • Search for specific legal language across all leases
  • Research multiple legal provisions to expedite decision-making
  • Access centralized and securely stored abstracts from anywhere
  • Find and view any abstract in seconds
  • Export Abstraction in a variety of format

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