An online content management application built for a leading legal and public-records information provider with Mobius

The Business Need

Based out of US, a leading global provider of legal and public-records related information had an urgent requirement to build an editorial content management system to manage legal information. The content enablement solution thus developed would enable the editors to create, manage and distribute content across various platforms in different formats, thereby increasing operational efficiency, and control.

Challenges we faced

The major challenge was to fully automate large-scale legacy content through online publishing process which was done manually earlier. Collecting the complete set of content was arduous and time-consuming as most of them had their own legacy system, licensing, and intense categorization.

How we solved the problem

Mobius developed a complete web-based content management system using Java, J2EE, MarkLogic, MySQL and integrated with legacy tools using Perl, XML, XSLT XML technologies. Source XML document and pre-defined XSL Stylesheet is processed through the XSLT Processor and converted into various formats like PDF, ePub, Html, etc. We built a custom migration suite complete with a strong MarkLogic database at the backend, an easily accessible web portal at the frontend and the process workflow maintained in Flowable.

The electronically received legal content was converted into tagged and searchable formats. Editorial XML files from the legacy system were ingested into the repository using migration suite. The contents were validated for DTD, deduplication, size-check and the chunked files are loaded to MarkLogic. The validated content was reviewed by formatting the text to increase readability, adjusting segment tagging for an accurate search result, applying spelling corrections.

Customized tools developed using Perl, .Net, Java for content conversion, extracted the contents and created an HTML file for further processing. Print style updated using XPP, content reviewed using PDF before the online process and delivered to the customer. The reviewed content was published online through FTK. XML converted to Rosetta to support online platform. Citation, legislation, external and internal links were added. An email alert was sent if the process gets hindered for any reason.


The solution provided a single source for all content, thus improving operational efficiency and editors’ productivity. Increased interoperability with enrichment and publishing tools. The content was delivered to various platforms in different formats (XML, PDF, epub, HTML) across different geographical locations.

Database migration to MarkLogic

Portal migration from Windows-based to web-based application

Content delivered in various formats - XML, HTML, pdf, epub

Highly scalable model developed

Improved operational efficiency and editors’ productivity

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